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    4 Ways A Rat Exterminator Can Help You

    If you notice droppings, nests, holes, and nibbled things in your space, it is quite likely that you have a rat problem. This can be a huge problem for your family or business. The best thing to do would be to call a rat exterminator. Here are four ways that this professional can help you.

    1. Assess the Extent of Damage

    Our professionals will carry out an extensive inspection of your place. It will help us evaluate the extent of the damage caused by the pests. It will also enable us to locate their nests, access portals and areas they are most active in. Additionally, we will evaluate the extent of infestation and what could be attracting the rodents.

    2. Sealing Access Portals

    Our experts will close all entry points that pests are using to access your building. We will plug holes, gaps and crevices used for infiltration. This helps prevent more pests from getting into your premises.

    3. Complete removal

    Our professionals will come up with a plan for complete mice removal. We use safe, humane methods to get rid of the pests permanently. We don’t just lay traps anyhow or use risky or harmful chemicals. We protect you and your loved ones while permanently dealing with the issue.


    After getting rid of the pests, we also decontaminate the area. Pests can leave a mess of feces and nests contaminating the area. We clean all this up to rid your space of any evidence of these creatures.

    Expert Services throughout Greater Hartsville, SC

    Pests can be a headache. They can be difficult to remove. But no need to suffer anymore. Our rodent extermination service can help you deal with this situation if you live in the Greater Hartsville, SC area. We will utilize different approaches to successfully get rid of the pests. Call us today for a free quotation.

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