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    When To Call An Ant Exterminator In McBee SC

    When you notice you have an ant infestation in your home, it is important to assess the gravity of the problem. This is important because some infestation can be removed by a DIY approach. Deciding on whether to call an ant exterminator in McBee SC or not can be challenging. Here are situations that can tell you that it is time to work with us.

    It may be wise to reach out to us when the species poses a risk to you. This generally means when the ants start to sting. We have the right expertise to handle stinging insects. Many insects will sting or bite you when they feel threatened. Insects such as wasps, fire ants, bees, and hornets have somewhat the same characteristics. If you disturb their colony, they can sting you injecting a venom while they swarm.

    If you notice a wood-destroying pest infestation it is your cue to contact us. Ants do not eat wood but can cause a lot of damage due to the infestation. For instance, carpenter ants thrive in hollow spaces and therefore they will eat away your wooden building as their colony grows. If you do not contact us right away, they can tunnel throughout your house. When you notice windows sills or small piles of wood shavings on the wall, then you must contact us as they indicate the infestation of wood nesting ants.

    When this infestation continues to take place, then you need expert services. You have done everything DIY, but it seems the insects keep on coming back, which means that the DIY approaches are not working. Trying something different like expert service may be your next best option to curbing such infestation.

    Working with us means a fast and timely response to your need. After successful pest control, we also offer advice to our clients to ensure there is no re-infestation. Call Yarbrough Termite And Pest Control, INC today for this and other related services.

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