Do You Need A Mosquito Control Service In Lamar SC?

Mosquitoes are bothersome pests that affect both people and animals. Not only do they leave itchy and painful bites but they are also known to spread disease caused by viruses, bacteria, and a variety of parasites. To help you prevent these critters from taking over your home, we take a closer look at the benefits of hiring a mosquito control service in Lamar SC.

When you hear a persistent buzzing around your head and you wake up to red bite marks, you have probably been bitten by a mosquito. These critters are not only irritating for humans but can also pose a major risk to your pets. In the US, mosquitoes are known to pass heartworm onto dogs and cats and with these insects being so prevalent, it increases the risk of contracting something much more serious than a single bite.

You can reduce a pest population by clearing low-growing and dense shrubs and removing standing water sources. Businesses can also apply preventative measures to stop mosquitoes from making their way indoors. By controlling damp, dark, and humid areas, and installing insect screens you can minimize future infestations.

If you are struggling to get rid of these pests, it is time to call on the professionals for the best results. At Yarbrough Pest, we offer a professional and trusted mosquito service in Timmonsville SC. Our dedicated team provides pest control services and termite management for commercial or residential properties in the greater Hartsville, SC region, Florence, Darlington, Bishopville, Lamar, Timmonsville, and surrounding SC communities.

As a leading pest and mosquito extermination in Hartsville SC, we can assist with the removal of termites, cockroaches, mice, ants, and much more based on our monthly and quarterly contracts. We also specialize in controlling mosquitoes and fire ants while providing structural repairs for termite and or wood rot damage. If pests are bothering you and wreaking havoc on your home or business, you can call 843-332-1357 today for a free estimate!

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