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    Everything You Need To Know About Fire Ant Extermination

    Getting rid of fire ants without proper knowledge can be a daunting task. You need to understand that the method used to get rid of them in the yard is different from removing the stubborn ants in your house. It is only the knowledge of a certified exterminator that can put you in the best position to remove them completely out of your property. The article will highlight more information on fire ant extermination.

    These types of insects are usually active between late spring and early fall. This makes such seasons be the best time to think about ant treatment. But we treat individual mounds throughout the year if they happen to be problematic. We incorporate different control measures to help get rid of them. They include baits, applying mound drench products as well as dust insecticides.

    The bait as a treatment measure is a slow-acting one. It can take months to acquire the desired results. But they usually achieve ninety percent pest control. The baits are corn grits, which are treated with the pesticide. The ants will take the food tainted with pesticides back to their colony to eat. This can result in their queen becoming infertile or killing her and the entire colony. This control measure is a low toxicity choice since the baits will be spread out over a wide space.

    Mound drenches, on the other hand, involve pouring liquid pesticides on an anthill. The pesticide will penetrate underground, thereby killing the insects inside within a few hours. The other pest control measure we conduct is dust insecticide. We sprinkle the insecticide over a mound and leave it there for a while to kill the insects. Granule control measure would need water to activate them, after applying granule on the mound; water is carefully poured over them for activation.

    We always look at the gravity of the situation before going for a treatment measure. For a larger area, we apply a two-step method where we incorporate two types of treatments to get the job done. For example, applying ant baits on the infested area, we follow up with individual mound treatment. For more information, call Yarbough Termite And Pest Control INC.

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