Fire Ant Exterminators Use A Two Step Method For Optimum Results

For anyone who has experienced the bite of a fire ant, there is little question about where the name came from. The species of ant attacks by biting and attaching itself to its victim, while injecting a poison which can b e harmful for the unhappy victim. The venom is strong enough to cause major reactions in sensitive individuals, and a concentrated attack can kill small animals. Prompt and effective treatment by qualified Fire Ant exterminators is important.

While there are YouTube presentations which claim to describe methods to get rid of the ants, these methods may not be as effective as you would hope. The skills and methods of the people at Yarbrough Termite & Pest Control know through experience and study which products and methods are effective against the unwanted creatures. The experts respond with effective treatments to get rid of the infestation which can number as high as 200,000 ants.

Our experts apply a two pronged approach to extermination. The first step involved getting rid of the queen, deep in the colony. Since not all colonies are identified by the mound, careful attention is required apply the treatment to where the most egg-laying queen is located. Even a single queen left in the colony can repopulate it in a relatively short period of time. Bait is utilized to take care of both queen and worker ants which are situated deep in the colony.

The second step is to use insecticide for targeted treatment on the mounds if they are visible, in order to further degrade the structure and social connections of a colony. For both steps, the time to treat fire ant infestations is in cooler weather or in early morning or late evening hours when the ants are more active.

We apply the methods efficiently and in a manner that is safe for humans and pets. For home or business owners struggling with an infestation of the insects, call on our team of professionals.

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