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    Gets Pests Under Control With A Mosquito Service In Timmonsville SC

    With summer comes so many good things in South Carolina. There are picnics and hikes and bike rides galore. People have big BBQs in their backyards and reconnect with friends and family alike. But if you have an insect problem, that can put a real damper on these outdoor activities. If you suspect you have an issue, call a mosquito service in Timmonsville SC right away.

    At Yarbrough Termite & Pest Control, we can help you eliminate mosquitos to help you have a better outdoor experience when you are staying home. And we do all this in a safe manner. When we say safe, we meant not just for you and your kids, but also your pets and plants as well. In fact, we use proprietary pest management that is also easy on the environment to ensure that you are being eco-friendly while still being able to eliminate pests.

    We start with a home inspection that looks over not just the outside but the inside of your home as well. Sometimes there are things like standing water that can be attracting mosquitoes. They love moisture so they can lay their eggs, which hatch very quickly and begin to bite. This is dangerous because some can carry diseases that they spread to humans when they bite. So we take a look at your entire property to see if we can pinpoint where the problem started.

    Sometimes all it takes is to dry up a small puddle or to insulate an area that had holes in it, allowing flies in. Other times an entire crawlspace will need to be sprayed down in order to stop the infestation. It really does not matter what the problem is because Yarbrough Termite & Pest Control can handle it. We will close up your attic, spray down the baseboards and spray our safe and effective pesticides anywhere they are needed.

    We have years of experience knocking out mosquito infestations in a safe and effective manner. You will usually begin seeing a reduction in pests within a few days so that you can go back to using your home and yard the way you want to without worrying about itchy bites or pests landing on your food when you have that next BBQ.

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