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    How To Prevent Damage With An Early Termite Inspection In Florence SC

    Termites can cause major property destruction in only a short period so you want to stop them as soon as you notice these critters moving in. Our professional termite inspection in Florence SC can help identify the presence of termites and we provide control and prevention services. To protect your property, let’s take a look at the importance of scheduled inspections and how to get rid of pests in and around your home.

    Termites crawling around your foundation or on your windowsill might indicate a termite attack. Termites are borrowing pests that also target foundations and wood structures including doors, fencing, and the beams in your ceiling. They prefer dark spaces where they can easily hide making them difficult to detect before they cause immense damage.

    We have been assisting our residential clients with pest inspection and control services for more than a decade. Our team of inspectors recognizes the importance of acting quickly and we have the products, tools, and resources to manage infestations before damages spread. Termites can be challenging to contend with but when you have our experienced and skilled team on your side, we provide efficient intervention and tailored services you can trust.

    Our termite treatment is applied for control and preventative purposes. Because a single colony of termites can consume up to 0.1 lbs of wood per day, they can quickly destroy entire structures before you notice their presence. With our scheduled inspections, we can determine where termites are hiding on your property and apply effective treatments to remove these pests and protect against further destruction.

    For termite companies near me, look for our range of preventative and control services to protect your home against the destructive nature of these pests. Owing to their elusive behavior, it could take months to years before you notice that termites have moved in and by then the damage to the property could be immense. Contact us for routine inspections and if termites have invaded, we will create a fully custom management program to eliminate them.

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