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    Three Reasons To Work With An Exterminator In Florence SC

    Like many homeowners, you may be tempted to try eliminating pest problems on your own. After all, countless drug stores and hardware stores offer poisons, baits, and other products for resolving these issues in a do-it-yourself fashion. At Yarborough Pest, we think it’s important for people to know why these systems rarely work. Following are three solid reasons to hire an exterminator in Florence SC when you’ve got a major infestation on your hands.

    The goal of any pest removal treatment is to break breeding cycles. When you use sprays or bombs, these products are formulated to kill adult bugs. They usually render younger insects incapable of producing, but leave eggs unharmed. When the next round of eggs hatches, you’ll have a full-blown infestation to deal with all over again. This is why most sprays only produce results that last a matter of weeks.

    To effectively break breeding cycles, you have to time the release of these products perfectly. This often involves multiple treatments. When homeowners do this themselves, they usually spend far more money than they intend to. They also expose their loved ones to far more chemicals than necessary.

    Hiring us can be significantly cheaper and safer all-around. We use chemicals and systems that are designed to work fast and that target all pests at every stage of development. Shopping for exterminators near me means having fewer chemicals around your family and pets, and fewer treatment-related problems to deal with.

    We also provide a monthly pest control service. Many consumers overlook the need for this. Certain insect and animal species thrive in the natural environment. Thus, if you don’t have the right preventative strategies in place, you could be dealing with additional problems in the near future. Do you need pest extermination and prevention services in South Carolina? If so, call us at 843-332-1357 today for a free estimate!

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