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Yarbrough Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

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    What Do Residential Pest Control Services Do?

    When unwanted critters move into your home, they can wreak absolute havoc. From rodents destroying furniture to ants and roaches getting into your pantry, fortunately, there is a way to get rid of them and it starts with residential pest control. For prevention and extermination services, we provide targeted solutions to help restore the pest-free condition of your property.

    At the first sight of a rodent in your kitchen or a trail of termites near the foundation, give our professional team a call. We have extensive experience in identifying pests and we introduce tailored management strategies to not only remove unwanted critters but also to prevent their return. Because insects, rodents, and small mammals such as squirrels and bats can damage property and expose you to germs and bacteria, you need fast and effective exterminators to tackle the problem.

    We perform a complete inspection of the property prior to treatment. Once we have identified the pests, we prepare a management plan to treat the home and remove these critters which may include repairs to certain types of structural damage. Our Florence pest control service will advise on the process and the time it will take based on the extent of an infestation.

    Our reliable pest control in Florence SC deals with all types of critters for residential clients. Our services include the management of termites, ants, mice, roaches, mosquitoes, and flies using a combination of treatments and preventative measures. We also specialize in moisture control and our skilled team repairs termite and wood rot damage.

    Pests should never take over your home and with reliance on our experienced team, they certainly won’t get very far. We have years of knowledge and skill in identifying, targeting, and treating common critters such as rodents, roaches, and termites that can cause significant property damage over time. We make the process of removing unwanted critters easy and efficient to help you live peacefully and comfortably.

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